Text Box: 	From the Hilker Shipwrights of Amsterdam 
Holland to the Hilker Lumber Company of Ft. Wayne 
Indiana, to our modern day state of the art manufacturing facility, the Hilker family knows woodworking. Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, we build cabinets that are designed to last a lifetime. We 
fabricate the doors, moldings, and carvings in house that are integrated into cabinetry with style and grace. Donít settle for average cabinetry when we can create custom built-in furniture. 	

                 Isaac Hilker, Sales and Marketing


504 Greco Ct.

San Jacinto, Ca. 92582

Lic # 985220

Hilkerís Custom Cabinets

Phone:† (951) 487-7640

Fax:††††† (951) 487-7650

E-mail: hilkerscci@verizon.net

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